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Late Fall...  the beginning of calving season at Idlewild.

Another day, another good calf count...

Idlewild Doberman Kennel functions as a portion of Idlewild Agricultural Estate, a farming entity
   specializing in Angus-Simmental cattle cross, timber growth and wildlife management.   It's in large
      part simple fun and pleasure that we raise, work and sport with our Dobermans, but our commitment
   to the breed and our day to day relationship with these very special animals is the kennel mission. 

About the Kennel:

Idlewild Doberman Kennel is located on a hunting and wildlife farm estate in south central Alabama where we work, hunt, and train our pups.  We enjoy utilizing Doberman Pinschers from some of the world's top European bloodlines.   These wonderful animals are widely known to be loyal family members, they naturally protect their home and they offer a friendship like no other canine.   As my special pets, I would never chain or keep my Dobermans in a small cell kennel, rather they live in my home as I allow and they have large running pens and fenced areas where they can romp and play.   Exercise promotes problem free Dobermans.  Having said that, small teams of Dobermans are allowed to get their work outs on trail hunts and runs, complete with pack leaders and their crews and these skill enhancing exercises help us keep commands fresh as well.   The payoff to these workouts: a quiet and peaceful day at the kennel... Zen for the rest of the day!   Granted of late, with a worsening economy, what seems like unending farm duties and heavy construction projects presently going,  our training routines have somewhat slowed down for now but where my Doberman's are concerned, these wonderful animals continue to make my life glow.    Indeed they are one of the reasons that everything here is made worthwhile for me.   They are truly the constant in my life.   I can always count on my Dobermans as they are my partners and my shared soul.

Idlewild Dobermans are the products of champion titled European Doberman Pinschers from top kennels in Europe.   Aside from our workouts and sport tracking activities that take place here, an occasional litter or maybe two litters are made available every year from select breeding pairs.   All Idlewild Sires and Dams are health tested.   It's part of it, if you do it, why not try to do it right.    While I am more than happy to help someone with questions or a problem situation if I can, I'll not preach or try to teach anyone about proper Doberman ownership as there's enough of that out there already.  Most Doberman owners have their own belief system about the breed, here's mine:  Black & Rust and Red & Rust are the only true Doberman Pinscher colors.   Blues or Fawns will not be bred here and the Albino Z factor is not tolerated at this kennel.   In fact, we consider breeding and selling albino Doberman puppies as criminal animal abuse and cruelty against God's helpless young animals, not to mention a fraud against a naive Doberman buyer's market.   All albino Dobermans are genetically sick and with this genetic disease all afflicted Dobermans will experience pain sooner or later.   They're not the fancy white Dobermans to be treasured as albino breeders claim.   A detailed discussion on the pathetic Albino Doberman Backyard Breeding Industry in America can be read here at the following link:  By the way, this genetic albino disease that has completely destroyed our American Doberman Pinscher has been propelled by the AKC,  simply because it is an avenue for them to collect more money.    So you don't believe the American Doberman has been ruined by this?    Then please attempt to buy any Doberman Pinscher off the street anywhere in America and you will be buying an albino or an albino carrier, and almost always it will be an AKC registered animal with AKC papers!   If for no other reason this is why we need the Euro Doberman in America today.   Here's the link:    ___AKC's Albino Plague__.

About Kimbertal and Other Fine Euro Kennels:

Simply said I love those beautiful, superior-sized Euro Doberman Pinschers that these Euro kennels are mostly famous for.     

OK, a couple of my Dobermans may be considered large by some, so what,  I'm not showing and I am not trying to breed giant Dobermans.     My Dobes are simply athletic Euros with muscular bodies and solid physiques .  They have the physical stamina and strong bodies to run and track and that's exactly what we love to do.      Truthfully the fact that hunting and tracking may be involved here is no doubt the real issue with this internet talk forum crowd who dislike this kennel and all kennels.  I suspect that most of these Doberman Talk Forum members are actually politically correct liberals who mainly eat their liberal veggies and are simply looking for an outlet to make themselves feel important.    Too bad these nameless masked individuals have chosen to tear down our Doberman Pinscher industry in their pursuit to expand their egos.   

This talk forum bunch say they dislike my Dobermans and many other Dobermans as well, even though they have never met them.  Unfortunately these outspoken and hateful views have become published personal attacks against real people and against real kennels all over the USA by these masked talk forum individuals who hide their identities online.   Sadly the irresponsible webmasters and moderators in these talk forums are allowing this garbage to be recklessly splattered all over the internet on search engines like Google.   In fact, these Doberman talk forum's are purposely posting their hateful points of view online for all to see.   These Doberman talk forum people are sadly just gossips and egotistical amateurs without any authority on the subject.  Nonetheless they spew their hate on our Doberman Pinscher industry when in fact there are so many needed educational avenues they could be involved with.   Most all of these rude talk forum people are computer shut-in's and they may not even own a Doberman Pinscher at all I am told.     In any case, the true nature of a Doberman Pinscher obviously escapes these internet people.    They seem to want a Doberman exclusively for reasons of fashion and nothing more.   Surely Louis Dobermann did not exclusively have this in mind when he created our breed but fashionable Doberman's aren't the real problem here,  it's the low class behavior and shameful online personal attacks of real people that these masked hate forum people are famous for... that's the problem.     I would like to make the point here that Doberman Pinschers are guard dogs, police dogs and true working dogs and I believe they can be trained for any task.    Doberman Pinschers live to work and they live to please their masters.

I can guarantee you that the most engaging situation that these gossip forum people have ever been faced with concerning their Doberman Pinschers is the Boxer pup that growled at their dog this morning at the dog park, or maybe the Collie that barked at their Dobe in the Vets office last week.    The predictable response from these strange forum people would be to no doubt threatened court action against the owner of the Boxer pup and the owner of the Collie!   There's only one name for this squirrely crowd... Talk Forum Sissies!   Trust me, it's true.

Bottom Line:  Any responsible talk forum would never allow it's member's to openly attack real people and real businesses, completely unedited and then make sure it is posted on search engines while these same forum members are hiding their true identity behind fake internet names.  Can you believe these nameless cowards are also giving advice to pet owners over the internet everyday?   Thanks, but no thanks.    Please remember this...  Professionals in the canine industry always have real names and real addresses and Talk Forum Sissies never reveal their identities because they are frauds.   Doberman Talk Forum Sissies are simply a hodge-podge group of no-life jokers posing as people who have real experiences and real knowledge to share on the subject.   Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact if they were any good at what they were talking about they would be at work instead of posting thousands of posts per year on a hateful attack forum with their misinformation on a subject that they are not qualified to discuss anyway.

OK,  my last commit regarding these rude internet Doberman gossip forums:  "Why in the hell aren't you useless worthless jackasses outside training your pups instead of sitting on your fat asses in front of your computers everyday pestering the daylights out of good and decent people who do work hard everyday in this Doberman business!!!"   Thank you, I feel better now.   Sorry but my venting here comes from years of being pounced on by these limp wristed, PETA inspired turkeys who are freely allowed to post their hate and misinformation online.

If you want to learn the truth (a mind blower) about these malicious ill-mannered people and the dark hateful website that empowers and sponsors their internet hate and the attacks on innocent Doberman owners, breeders and kennels here in the USA ...please use the following link to understand more:   Make sure to click on "Shared Experiences".  This will be an eye opener for many folks.

And what about Kimbertal and America's need for Euros?

Here I will now say, we should all get down on our knees and thank our lucky stars above that Kimbertal Kennels has been in business here in America.  Up until recent times, where else could you possibly purchase the quality bloodlines of European Doberman Pinschers without being conned or ripped off by a league of snake oil salesmen posing as Doberman breeders with all their co-ownership contracts, big fees and the bullying of buyers with their probation ownership deals, all for the money of course.     We Americans had to have these Euro Doberman's because our American Doberman had been completely bastardized by unscrupulous breeders over the past 30 to 40 years.   It was almost as if only Kimbertal stood alone and tall as a single accessible means of obtaining Euros in a time when no one else was around.    Kimbertal has done more to add to the quality bloodline and value of the Doberman Pinscher in America today than anyone could have ever hoped for.  And I thank them for that!My hat is off to Kimbertal Kennels!

The reason these Doberman gossip forums tell everyone they hate Kimbertal Kennels is because they all call Kimbertal a puppy mill.    The term puppy mill is the race card played by all of these hate forums.   So here we are, all of Kimbertal's Dobermans are imported from top kennels and from top celebrity trainers in Europe, all with winning titles and if you have to pay three thousand dollars for a fancy puppy sired by one of their Int'l Schutzhund Titled Doberman Pinschers, then that my friend is not puppy mill!   Granted, I think Kimbertal should health test for a couple of important Doberman health issues,  (they do not unless they have just started doing so),  and those issues are Von Willibrand Disease and OFA testing.  Well, I may want to add-in DCM and Thyroid testing too while we're at it.   The European kennels and trainers aren't testing enough either.   Indeed this may be why Kimbertal should test, they should test behind those European kennels where their champion studs are coming from.   In Europe many vWD carriers still hold the day with winning titles and understandably many breeders in Europe contend their champion titled DNA bloodlines would be lost to the world if these Doberman's suddenly ceased to exist.   But personally, I say they should keep their elite pups that test clear from their carrier litters and let's lose this disease.   There's no need in half of the world's Doberman population being vWD carriers.  And they are.  The thoroughbred horse industry is also victimized by their vWD curse.   Many of those top horse breeders do not want to lose their champion bloodlines either.  Same deal.   But where Doberman's are concerned I believe it's possible that vWD could be eliminated in registered animals everywhere in four or five generations simply by proper industry guidelines.    Von Willebrand's Disease Test:

 About my Dobermans:

Champion Titled bloodlines yield the very best qualities in any breed.   It doesn't matter if you have competition, work or play in mind for these Dobermans, what does matter is the understanding that this caliber of  'high end' - 'high energy' working Doberman Pinscher has been bred from extremely competitive lines of champion and Schutzhund trained protection animals generation after generation and they are all extremely athletic, agile and strong.   Any of these Dobermans can be dangerous if a handler isn't knowledgeable, or isn't awake or feeling comfortable with his dog.   These super intelligent animals will easily become family members in a good home but setting proper limitations and boundaries is key to all successful and enjoyably safe relationships between man and beast, is it not?   Doberman's are naturally suspicious of strangers so we owner's are well cautioned to stay alert when our pups are around strangers because being alert is also what a Doberman does best and when things happen they usually happen very fast.    When it comes to displaying their loyalty and protection and wanting to always be with their family, this is what a Doberman Pinscher lives his life for!

Idlewild Doberman Kennel is primarily a working dog kennel utilizing Doberman Pinschers from top Int'l Schutzhund bloodlines for training and recreational sport tracking.   All of our animals are AKC registered but we are not involved in AKC dog shows.  If you are looking for this, my apology but you will have to look somewhere else.  Contact with the kennel can be made by using the link on this page.   I always look forward to meeting Doberman people.   Thank you for checking out the website.

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__This Kennel Promotes Euro Doberman Supremacy__

Big Boned, Hardy Doberman Pinschers are the Rule and

Black & Rust and Red & Rust are the only True Doberman Colors




Idlewild Doberman Kennel operates exclusively on behalf of Idlewild Agricultural Estate, Fitzpatrick, Alabama